About me

Oskar Brandt – journalist



I am a journalist, historian and latinist from Gothenburg, Sweden. I received my education at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Wales, Lampeter. One of my greatest passions is communicating professionally in Swedish, English and French.

Since December 2014, I am an information officer at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Between March and June 2015, I did also uphold a contract as a copywriter for the communication agency tolv.nollnoll.

Before that, I upheld an internship as an information officer at the School of Global Studies (University of Gothenburg).

I graduated from the journalism programme at JMG (University of Gothenburg) in 2001.

After that, I have worked as a journalist, as an information officer, as a museum writer and as a copywriter and translator at an advertising agency.

Besides my degree in journalism, I have an M.A. in History and Latin and studied Law for a year.

I am also proficient in copywriting, photography, web design, translation and graphic design.

As a colleague, I am quick at writing, creative, sociable, independent, a good co-worker, humoristic and responsible.

Please feel free to contact me!