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Degrowth capitalism: The importance of a radically potent but comfortable climate strategy

Foto: freeimages.com/Gavin Spencer

Degrowth capitalism with comfortable solutions for the individual are big parts of the climate solution.

Please do read my LinkedIn article here: The importance of a raqdically potent but comfortable climate strategy

Degrowth capitalism products need to last longer

The big solution for the climate and nature is a society more run by the state than banks and companies. We need products which last longer. This will lessen production, which raises the need for a new, more environmental degrowth capitalism.

We also need to spend a lot on research on green technology, green energy and automated recycling. We need the state to lead the development of our society.

But mankind is a sensitive creature with short-term energy and need of recurrent recuperation. This means that our future society must be comfortable.


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